The “Dissonance” Trilogy

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I had no idea what I was doing when I first sat down and wrote out the first few sentences of this trilogy. I am grateful to God above — beyond words — for how it turned out. It is nothing short of EPIC in its scope, and I’m immeasurably grateful.

This is just a short article about a trilogy that has consumed my life since November 21st, 2023, and is now, amazingly, complete. It has CAPTURED me, and compelled me to write the very best works of fiction I’ve ever set pen to. It’s frightening. It’s terrifying. It’s inspiring. And ultimately, it’s my storytelling legacy. I could die a happy man now that I have completed this trilogy. “Dissonance” is all I’ve ever wanted to write, and it’s made me immeasurably fulfilled to write it. I hope you enjoy the article. Thanks in advance for reading!

More info on the trilogy — and the prequel in the works — can be found at AND, in case you missed it — wish me luck! A screenwriter is currently converting Dissonance Volume I: Reality to screenplay format for pitching to Netflix, Amazin Prime Video, Paramount+, Apple TV+, etc.! Fingers crossed! Thanks again everyone.

Dissonance Volume I: Reality

There are some rules you never forget. Above all else, whatever you do, you never look directly at a gorgon. Now, plug your ears… because the war for humanity has begun.

Sergeant Cameron “Jet” Shipley was there when they first arrived in 2026. For 16 long years, he learned to hide. To never make a sound. Learning the most important rule of all about the gorgons: You just… don’t… look.

The year is now 2042, and humanity is eking out an existence in the shadows.

Shipley and his team are sent out on a recon mission with developments that may alter the trajectory of Earth’s fate… and his own. Joined by newcomers Bassett and Trudy, Cameron and his brother Rut will have to contend with a terrifying alien species that has annihilated eighty-five percent of mankind.

Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning

Shipley lost everyone to the gorgons and has lost faith in the integrity of his own Command. But Cameron’s loss didn’t stop there. In a world rife with apocalyptic danger, it has become painfully apparent that humanity is still, even in the very throes of annihilation, at war with itself.

Finding himself a prisoner and eventual outlaw at the hands of those whom he once trusted most, Cameron must put his fate in the hands of his trusted confidants Lieutenant Allison Trudy, Private Liam “Fox” Mayfield, and Sergeant Joseph Bassett once more, endangering their very lives and freedom, as they and others come to his aid to join in the inevitable revolt against those in power who fail to see the truth: power corrupts, even on the very brink of extinction.

Shipley and his team must race against time to find compatriots who share their views, amassing support against the true foe. All the while, they must evade a merciless alien species that will not stop until the earth’s resources are drained dry, reducing it to a barren wasteland.

In their quest for truth, they must remember one simple tenet as it pertains to the gorgons: “One look, and it’s all over.”

Dissonance Volume III: Renegade

And then, finally, Cameron Shipley went rogue, becoming a renegade under Captains Vance Cardona and Miguel Monzon, along with other members of his team.

A resistance has formed in the wake of horrifying revelations that President Graham has sinister intentions that will cause the murder of thousands of humans, and adversely affect the whole of humanity. After immeasurable loss and against incredible odds, the team of renegades heads to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio to launch their counterattack against two deadly enemies.

First, the gorgons, and their terrifying queen, must be dealt with. They have wreaked havoc on planet Earth long enough. And secondly, President Graham must be brought to justice.

Will Captain Shipley have the fortitude to follow his moral compass and listen to the urging of his superiors, bringing about eventual justice? Or will he seek to avenge the deaths of his loved ones?

All the while, he must remember the single most important truth as it relates to gorgons: You just… don’t… look.

All of this is set amidst a gritty and post-apocalyptic Earth in 2042 in this final chapter of my alien invasion military thriller series.


Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation

I’m now working on the PREQUEL to the trilogy, and it’s so utterly exciting to go back in time and reveal what happened, when, where, and how. It’s an amazing time travel to see beloved characters alive again, thriving, when the world was untroubled by gorgons. It’s coming along well, and I anticipate the release will be in July of 2024.


I hope you enjoy the “Dissonance” series! Volume III is coming 5.18.24. They are/will be all available in Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audiobook.

Check out the entire trilogy and purchasing links at:

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